Accounting Services in Kitchener Waterloo

Financial Statements

We can provide monthly financial updates to make sure that you’re in the loop about your finances.

  1. Balance Sheets
  2. Trial Balance 
  3. Income Statements
  4. General Ledger

Financial Reporting

We can provide financial reports to make sure that you can easily judge the performance of your business in a single go

  1. Balance Sheets Variance Report
  2. Income statements comparison
  3. Custom financial reports

Cleaning backlog

We understand that getting behind in your books can be a huge burden but you don’t have to worry,  just let us have whatever you have piled up with you and we’ll sort things out for you.


We can do a cash forecast by taking into account the variables that affect your cash position and provide you with 

  1. A custom cash flow template for your business.
  2. Quarterly updates to your cash flow forecast


Budgeting and planning is one of the most essential things a business owner might be interested to review as often as possible because it’s the absolute tool that reveals the actual picture of how well your  business is doing. 

General Ledger Maintenance

We will keep track of your income and all the expenditures on regular basis so that your financials remain up to date.